02 - 23 September, 2020
BCS Online

BCS Online

02 - 23 September, 2020


The Building Content Summit (BCS) is an annual event, run in multiple regions around the globe, dedicated to improving BIM content by bringing together thought leaders from Design, Manufacturing, Owner and Facility Managers, and Software/Service Providers. The mixed nature of the event fosters collaboration between the usually separate realms of the AEC industry. Our goal is to help all parties better understand the unique challenges and interests faced during design and construction and help facilitate finding the common ground to create a better built environment.


Since this year’s BCS will be hosted online, we’ve decided to split it into two tracks. One will focus on professional AEC practitioners who continually need to build, maintain and iterate their own digital content libraries, while the second focuses on Building Product Manufacturing professionals and how they can better serve the design community

As a AEC Practitioner, Why Should I Attend?

The practitioner segment of BCS focuses on the nuts and bolts of the content used daily by the AEC. Covering all phases of the BIM content life cycle: from content acquisition, organizational strategies and asset management, creation and modeling methods, data inclusion, and pushing into construction, operations, and facility management.

BCS practitioner sessions will open with a presentation given by an industry professional and will be immediately followed by a round table discussion, giving attendees an opportunity to discuss their thoughts on the topic in a small group setting.  See Full Schedule Here

As a Building Product Manufacturer, Why Should I Attend?

For marketing, sales and product management professionals who direct spending for BIM content initiatives, BCS provides an opportunity to validate strategic direction and identify key resources for implementation.

BCS will allow those in charge of strategic initiatives to better understand when and how product decisions are made by the design team and where BIM fits into the decision process. 

When producing or directing the production of BIM content development either internally or using a third-party source, BCS provides a series of deep dives into best practices and technical resources to improve your results.
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Who Should Attend?

Designers: Communicate design needs to manufacturers to invest less time and resources into the development of in-house content.
Manufacturers: Discover a new way to differentiate and market your products to the design community and discover what is necessary for this to succeed from the eyes of the customer.
Content and Software Developers: Understand the needs of designers to improve their productivity and discover what manufacturer related knowledge is necessary for accurate content.

Why BCS?

At BCS you will connect with and learn from other users, manufacturers and providers that face the same challenges to learn from their mistakes and triumphs