08 October, 2019, Motherwell, Scotland
BILT Academy 2019

BILT Academy 2019

08 October, 2019, Motherwell, Scotland

Aimed at students and educators in the AECO industry, BILT Academy is a one-day summit with a mix of workshops and labs from industry experts to showcase the current state of the art technology practices and workflows in the industry. Content this year includes a focus on; Computational Design and Coding, Model and Project Management, BIM Interoperability & Interdisciplinary Collaboration. As emerging building industry experts, students will get the opportunity to discover and explore the current BIM methodologies, as well as the latest technological developments in software and project management.

Mission: To shape the future experts of the Building Industry.

Vision: To create a sustainable multi-interdisciplinary platform to exchange knowledge.

Goal: Provide an International Summit to Students in the Building Industry.


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Who Should Attend?

We see it as an important step forward to provide students & educators the opportunity to discover the current state of the art practices and workflows in a multiple platform environment.

Why BILT Academy?

We are building a link between academics, students, and industry, through improved communications and knowledge sharing. We work to support upcoming building industry experts, and the industry itself, by providing students with exposure to the latest design and construction techniques, processes, case studies and mentors. Our expert mentors support, guide and encourage the academy members as they learn and grow. This provides the industry with a unique opportunity to shape the technology-readiness of the future workforce, to the benefit of all participants.

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