19 January - 17 December, 2021
DTS Dialogs

DTS Dialogs

19 January - 17 December, 2021

The Design Technology Summit (DTS) is focused on advancing the conversation of how design-oriented organizations can transition to effective digital workflows. The role of Design Technology Leader is critical to helping guide firms through this transition and beyond, by bringing together knowledge of practice, computation, and business. DTS is the place to come and discuss all of this with your peers and colleagues.


While the Design Technology Summit is highly structured and formal discussion sessions the Dialogs are intended to have a more relaxed and informal atmosphere for people to gather together and talk about Technology in the world of design services. The Dialogs can be feeders for our preeminent conferences in terms of topics and attendees. You also never know who you may run into, there could be special guests or eminent industry figures.

Sessions will be sixty minutes long and the DTS committee will always come prepared with a topic or two, but if the group that attends wants to discuss another topic the floor will be open!

You DO need to be a paying member of DBEI Community to join. Memberships start at only $15 per month. View all options here.

Have a suggestion for future topic? We would love to hear – please contribute to the DTS forum

Who Should Attend?

Professionals in the Architecture and Engineering sectors that are employed by a firm that has a minimum of 100 employees and multiple office locations.

Why DTS?

As practitioners and technologists, we have often been the ones called on to help our organizations find opportunities to modernize. DTS brings us together to share our experiences and knowledge, and identify opportunities to improve. It is from this background- and in this spirit – that we offer five areas of consideration that can positively impact practice; Lightweight Interfaces, Full Adoption of Model Based Workflows, Knowledge Capture, Management & Dissemination Platform, Technology for improved quality of life (of designers and end users) and
Application Behavior/Performance

General Enquiries

Email: info@dbei.org
Phone: +61 2 9929 4200