Timon Hazell

Walter P Moore
Sr. Technical Designer

Timon Hazell is one of our top speakers and #1 speaker at BILT Europe 2019. He is a mover, a shaker and all around passionate energetic Building Digital Design enthusiast. If you haven’t attended one of his sessions before, you are in for a treat! He would tell you to stop reacting to the industry and take your projects by the horns and wrestle them into the future. He will also tell you that no one tool is going to fix your problem. In the past few years he has founded DynamoDC, sat on the board of Revit DC, spoken at conferences across North America and Europe, and is a 2019 DBEI Hackathon winners. His background working at architectural, engineering, and construction firms gives him a broad foundation that he now puts to use at Walter P Moore. With an engineering background, desire for workflow optimization, and passion for teaching he has found a niche helping people computationally solve problems and enjoys helping teammates find more joy in their work by removing tedious mind-numbing tasks. He is grateful to the open learning environment at DBEI and grateful to the generous knowledge experts and seeks opportunities now to give back to the building industry.

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