In today’s AEC practice, there is a real desire and need to provide continued education and training opportunities for staff to ensure your practice is keeping pace with the rate of change. When developing an education and training framework for a practice it is important to note, a one size fits all approach is not […]

Soup Du Jour

By Craig Barbieri Change is one of many responses to extreme challenges, and often happens only out of necessity rather than desire. Working from home is a great example of this. Once regarded as unusual or a privilege, it has become a necessity in a remarkably short period of time. I don’t think anyone would […]


Coding skills are highly sought after, and increasingly so in the AECO industry. We are surrounded by opportunities to automate using code, whether the code being written is to programmatically design a building or simply to remove the mundane from a repetitive task – it all provides the same benefit of doing a task faster. Not […]

Introducing Building Content Summit Online

As an AEC Professional, Why Should I Attend? The AEC practitioner segment of BCS focuses on the fundamental content used daily by AEC professionals; covering all phases of the BIM content life cycle – from content acquisition, organizational strategies and asset management, creation and modeling methods to data inclusion, pushing into construction, operations, and facility […]

Symetri announces release of Naviate for Revit 2021

Our friends at Symetri are proud to announce their recent Naviate release for Revit 2021. Read all about it below. Get e-learning and family cloud browser with the latest release. Naviate for Revit is out with the first release supporting Autodesk 2021. Here’s an overview of some of the new features. E-learning directly on each […]

Standards: The Fourth Chapter of DBEI Insight

The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them! Whether your firm is working a tightly specified contract or with a new multi-firm project team for the first time, without standards of data exchange and deliverables you’ll sink a lot of time and money in reconciling what you’re making with what […]

Software Comparison: The Third Chapter of DBEI Insight

Comparing software packages and approaches can be a laborious and sometimes bewildering exercise in feature matching, production testing, financial modeling, and cultural assessment. Not only does one size not fit all, but sometimes you need similar software packages that differ just enough to support everything your practice needs to do. From CAD to BIM to […]

Digital Transformation at a Moment’s Notice: The rest of your questions answered!

I am so thrilled to announce that registration for the DTS Online discussion sessions has opened!   We kicked off DTS Online in mid-June with a panel discussion Digital Transformation at a Moment’s Notice featuring Natasha Luthra (Jacobs), Brian Skripac (CannonDesign), Tomislav Zigo (Clayco), Alexandra Pollock (fxcollaborative). Our panelists provided great feedback on how their companies were doing with […]

List of themes for DBEI Insight

Distributed Teams (Jun 16 – 25): Whether they’re working from multiple offices, working remotely, or working from home, distributed teams offer special challenges of management, communication, coordination, and technological support. From delivering projects on time and on budget to preserving business continuity, and from small organizations to international firms, the need to have the right […]

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